About the company

ООО «РТ-Экспо» - LTD “RT-expo” is a 100% subsidiary company of State corporation «Rostec».


LTD ««RT-expo» » was created in April 2010 to show the results of scientific, technical and innovative work of all the companies that are the part of State corporation «“Rostec”.» LTD “RT-expo” helps to take part in different expo around the world.

Our mission

  • Organization of united expositions for companies and holdings of State corporation «Rostec» ««Rostec»» at Russian and international expo.
  • Realization of its own expo projects.


  • For the previous 2 years, we made more than 60 events.
  • In the spring 2013 by the results of competition of Ministry of Industry and Trade there was signed a state contract, whereby LTD «RT-expo » became an Expo operator for all Russian exposition at World universal Milan Expo 2015.
    The exhibition took part in city Milan (Italy) from May 1st till October 31st in 2015.